How the Government is raising homes prices now!

Real estate is one of the key components of the American Dream,always has been and always will be.But  todays  real estate market has crashed and lowered prices,bringing along with it terms and conditions for many new and first time home buyers and old home buyers that are just impossible to  be met. But I have learned that the government is now buying up homes,in order to raise prices on them.

That being said I need to say that I have witnessed this now first hand and it really does seem like once again the gov’t. has it’s hands where it as usual ,shouldn’t be!

Several homes in our area have been purchased by the govt. after sitting for sale for a long time,which of course is not unusual in today’s market.Well,well with no buyers qualifying to purchase these homes the federal government has now stepped in and purchased them.Of course they didn’t pay the asking price for them,,NO they paid much more,and well over that price.It’s all true,and this is their way of raising home prices and values.As usual,,so they think!

Now these beautiful homes sit empty,they also are not listed on any MLS service here and they are falling into disrepair as they should after months of neglect.So why isn’t the government trying to sell all the real estate assets they now have,cause this surely isn’t the only example and this must be in progress in every major city now.Look around,keep watch on your area and see for yourself.

OH ,,in closing lets not forget the great government program of Section 8 for the poor.Well here,it’s not for the poor but only for the poor that keep reproducing children in order to keep their dwellings,,and folks this is truth,,Ihave heard it all first hand too .I have the distinct feeling that soon a section 8 family may just be living high on the hog on your dime too .See section 8 rents are based on income,so rents are low no matter where they are placed.Makes me ill ,how about you?!

Why won’t the government sell the homes they are now buying? They won’t even try!  Nope,it’s been months now and I’m still watching and waiting.Well hello section 8’s living high on the hog on the American peoples dime,and that dime is sure wearing thin now.