Islam Wants Control Worldwide

Having observed this country accept people from all races,nationalities  has made America a strong and proud land ,but also one that today as we watch the news,see the changes in our government and it’s leaders we need to be awake and be aware of one group of immigrants in particular.Sadly so it is the Muslim’s that now are not just immigrating to all countries in the world but also pressuring their new homelands toward a One World Order,guided by the Muslim faith alone and no other.

They are not here or in other major nations to fit in as we may like to think,since immigrants did make this land and others worldwide great,,but to destroy all that is not Muslim.Destroy all those that are not of the Muslim faith too.That means not only they have a great hatred toward people of the Jewish faith but also those of the Christian faith too and need them destroyed in order to achieve their goal now.

Muslims have been breeding at a very rapid pace now and during the last century too. By doing this and immigrating so much they will at the rate they are going have the control they so seek for the world.Islam is growing about 2.9% per year which is faster than the total world population which increases at about 2.3% annually. It is thus attracting a progressively larger percentage of the world’s population! For approximately every 1 to 2 births in the USA they have an average of 8 now.

Birth stats for muslims:



Wake up America.I will tell you now to watch  many of the Muslim doctors here also,not all but a very large number of them are not who they pretend to be.Many are being sued now over malpractice,such an easy way to to rid themselves of us isn’t it..Sadly this is true for me and a few others I have met ,because their true goal is world domination . Watch how many go back to their homelands multiple times per year,I have done just that and found sad results of how much they bring back with them to survive and reach their goals of elimanating us all.And I mean money too,they have alot of it as we all should know that by now.And the poorer ones come here and are  considered refugees,oh please could the USA have made it any easier to be overtaken?No is my answer to that.

Below is one of the links to the Twenty Year Plan:Islam Targets America and it is a very factual and telling link of our future if we don’t stand up to them now,we must.God Bless the USA and keep fighting patriots to keep Her strong and Free.

And please look around you now more than ever before and report what you see to the proper channels.Watch and question your doctors and others you do business with too,it might just save your life because I made that mistake of trusting the quiet  kind Muslim doctors I had,it may too late now for me because of their care but it doesn’t have to be for you. Every American now needs to stand up and fight to keep this great country free .
Remember they do have a definate plan for the world,and our form of capitalism and a freedom filled life just doesn’t fit into theirs.