Is This Our Responsibility?

I happen to be a Navy veteran. May father served in the Navy for thirty years. When I joined the Navy in 1988 President Reagan’s goal was I believe a 600 ship blue water Navy, with 13 carriers and 6 months tours.

My understanding of the mission of our Navy was to be forward deployed and to maintain shipping lanes.

A few news reports have given me pause. First, I read the report of a Saudi vessel caring crude oil was taken by Somali pirates. Next, I read the 5th Fleet have given Britain responsibility for that area. Then today I read Admiral Mullen was surprised that the Somali pirates could take such a vessel. He also said that once the vessel was taken there was nothing the Navy could do, that owners would likely pay a ransom to get the vessel back. Finally, I read the British Navy was only protecting the world food organizations food relief to Somalia.

I recall reading that Prime Minister Blair had reduced the size of the British Navy.

Has the U.S. Navy lost the ability to maintain shipping lanes? Should this just be the concern of Saudi Arabia? Should the US allow these pirates to freely attack commercial shipping vessels effectly allowing them to tax our goods and services.

What say y’all is this the responsibility of the U.S. Navy?