My Letter To Gov. John Kasich

Dear Gov. Kasich,
The other day a very well known radio personality whom you should never doubt because he is correct 99.6% of the time with half his brain tied behind his back said: “Governor Kasich, you didn’t hear the people; you heard the unions! You heard union cash registers…” I firmly believe he is correct in that statement.
I have listened to your statements after the defeat of Issue 2 and I have read your letter on Facebook and quite frankly it didn’t sound like you. I have family members who have lived in Columbus for years, they have voted for and supported you since the beginning because of your common sense, no nonsense, steel backbone approach and that is why I voted for and support you as well. While I understand that it is very difficult if not impossible to win against a machine such as the public-sector unions, what with their member dues to spend at will on anything they choose, I found that your statements sounded as is you have been defeated. That is not the John Kasich I have been told about and not the John Kasich I met and voted for.
I don’t know what you are going to do in the future. We know what needs to be done, we know the consequences if it remains business as usual and I hope and pray that you have not been defeated. Regret is not in my vocabulary (yet).

Yours in support,
Scott B.