Bring the real GOP power to your county

The idea that electoral power can be seized from central authority and exercised locally is gaining traction in many more quarters.

Well worth reading today is a Forbes article by Ralph Benko (read the whole thing: “Will Republican Superdonors Rein In Karl Rove And Other GOP Rogue Elephants?“).

In his article, Benko explains that superdonors are getting very wary of RNC promises to deploy tech that will dominate future elections.  Benko advocates ‘pushing power to the edge’ (the counties in my interpretaion) to empower local parties, and he advocates tech to do it.  Benko’s ‘power to the edge’ concept is so important, he mentions it no less than 7 times in the article.

While Benko encourages superdonors to “send power to the edge”, many county GOP officials are not aware that they don’t need to wait for anybody to send them anything.

They can seize the tech and the power they need for local victory without anyone’s permission or assistance because the required tech is now well within their local reach.  The price for this tech, as I’ve been saying for 5 years, has been in free-fall.

Two of the three largest GOPs in the country (Los Angeles and Chicago) have already adopted advanced tech voter data/activist communications platform.  In the recent LA Mayoral primary, 3 out of 5 candidates were using the same advanced platform.

Please alert your GOP county chair so they’ll be aware of how to bring power to their own edge, and be aware of the tech that will not only help immensely with local victory, but make them independent of the central powers that obstruct them.


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