NSA Sharing Data with NRCC??

The NSA apparently has not forsaken all integrity – in truly ecumenical fashion, they appear to be sharing data with the NRCC as well as the IRS and OFA*.

Lots of folks, including Jim Geraghty at NRO have noticed that former Obama campaign org OFA is sending out those creepy ‘OFA-is-watching-you-personally-by-name’ emails.

I’m a tech evangelist who’s constantly calling attention to tech that our adversaries get right, but I’ve never advocated copying tech just because it’s better.   Yesterday I got the email below from the treasurer of the NRCC telling me my membership renewal is ‘past due’ – even though I’m  a ‘member’ the email addresses me as ‘Friend’.

Not only have I never ‘joined’ the NRCC, but if I had, I suspect they would have remembered my name from the credit card transaction.

Regardless, the NRCC addresses me as ‘Friend’ instead of by name and implies that a ‘membership’ that I have never possessed is ‘Past Due’.  Great marketing – those words ‘Past Due’ are no doubt carefully calculated to get the immediate attention of anyone who’s careful with their debts and bills as we might quite safely guess many conservatives are.  (More great marketing: the baby seals are gone from the NRCC web site!!)

Or perhaps the NSA told them I’d be a good mark since I’m a local GOP official*.

But, it’s dishonest.  This just 4 days after Andrea Bozek of the NRCC sent me an email with the subject “trust issues” discussing how Obama could not be trusted.

Is anybody at the NRCC thinking at all??  Buehler??  Buehler??

*FWIW, I don’t really think the NSA is sharing data with the NRCC, but it’s a spectacular lapse in judgement for the NRCC to be touting their ‘awesome’ membership database that can ‘remember’ that you are a ‘member’, yet forget your name — at a time when NSA snooping is so prominent in the headlines, and OFA is being publicly castigated for those creepy emails they send.

On the other hand, maybe this awesome membership database isn’t so awesome.  After all, it thinks I’m a member when I’m not, thinks I’m ‘past due’ when I’m not, and it cannot remember my name.   Awesome data operation the NRCC has.    Trust issues indeed.

So they had to send out a mass email to illustrate clearly their prowess with a ‘membership database’, and coincidentally, ‘the truth’.


The NRCC wrote me:

Subject: this email is for Friend  only


As the Treasurer of the NRCC, I need to know: have you given up on defeating Obama?

Our records show we have not yet received your 2013 NRCC membership contribution. I am concerned because you have been so generous in the past.

I know other things come up and perhaps you’ve just delayed sending in your 2013 contribution. If that’s the case, I understand.

But there is no doubt that Obama is 100% focused on winning control of the House. He even said recently that he could get “a lot more done” with Democrats in control of the House and Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.

We need you back on the team to ensure House Republicans remain the last line of defense against total Obama liberal control.

Right now here’s what our membership database shows for you:

NAME: Friend

Please renew your support for the NRCC with a contribution of $10, $15 or even $20 today.

Don’t quit now! Our candidates are counting on you to help provide the election programs they need to win.

I look forward to your quick response.

Thank you,

Keith Davis
NRCC Treasurer

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