Help a Competitive Conservative in CA: July 12 Victory is Near UPDATED: Huey Poised to Crush Hahn over FOX report

None of us would have predicted it after Nov 2, 2010 when the vaunted red electoral tide stopped cold at the California border.   But time, a harsh economy, bad economic moves by the CA legislature, and some very hard work by highly committed California conservatives have made a real difference in a  CA D+12 district.

You may not be able to vote for this man, but when he arrives in Washington, he will be pleased to vote for you.

In California’s CD36 (Torrance), conservative GOP candidate Craig Huey has been locked in a harrowing struggle with Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn, the politician famous for giving major LA city funds to gang members.  The special election is slated for July 12 to fill the seat Jane Harman vacated.

All polling and early returns are showing Huey and Hahn… literally tied.  Dead even.

This is a major achievement  for the Huey campaign and the LA County GOP in a county where Democrat voter registrations run 2.4:1 against Republicans.   As noted above, the Cook Index rates CD36 as D+12.  LA County GOP chair Jane Barnett challenged the other county chairs in CA to fill up buses to send to CD36 this coming Saturday, and so far, at least 5 buses full of GOP activists are headed to CD36 from various parts of the state to do their part in electing Craig Huey.

Party officials and political pundits all across the country are watching this race closely with great interest.  A Huey victory would be a harbinger of great things to come for conservatives in 2012 and a heartbreak morale-killer for Democrats.  Especially if this occurs, as it will, in California.

Harmon has engaged the liberal OFA activists nationwide to help her with contributions and online call center activity.  I get the local OFA emails, and each day their emails are sounding more shrill and discouraged.

Conservatives nationwide need to be doing the same thing for Craig Huey.  Please click one of the links below to donate or call voters, and give yourself the gift of handing a stunning defeat to the liberals.

We need to drop the final ax on their necks now.  We can strike a blow for conservatism and set liberals back on their heels a bit for 2012.

Donate or use the Huey Online Call Center to reach voters in CD36 now!  To use the Huey Online Call Center, just go to Huey’s web site and click ‘Make Calls Now for Craig’ in the  upper right.

Let’s stun the Democrats nationwide and sow despair among Democrat activists by getting Huey elected in CA’s CD36 next Tuesday.

UPDATE: Three years ago Janice Hahn cut short an interview with LA’s FOX 11 when they were getting too close to the truth about Hahn’s office funding ‘gang intervention’ work through criminally active ‘former’ gang members.

A few days ago, her legal team tried a ‘cease and desist’ order to suppress the following report.

This woman belongs nowhere near a Congresscritter’s office. Please click the links above to help ensure she stays a private citizen.