Spot Report: rVotes Heads for Ohio!

If you are serious about online activism tools, then clear the deck in your browser – all the links below open new tabs or windows so you don’t lose your place in this article.  You will want to study the history of rVotes and it’s promise to the conservative cause.

Always first where news on the best GOTV applications have come from (and are headed) Carol Greenberg and Anita Moncrief have been tracking with OFA ever since it became a serious threat during the 2008 elections.  Naturally enough, they have followed through and have kept us informed as the same class of applications has become available to conservative activists.  Carol is one of few conservatives who has seen both VoteBuilder and rVotes in operation and will attest to the fact they are near mirror images of each other.

World class activist “killer” application rVotes is headed for the battleground state of Ohio.

Carol first broke the release news at the end of last month,  (I wrote about it here)  and now rVotes will be available in her own home state of Ohio.

This means the “early adopter” presence of the killer app in one of our key battleground states and promises to put us on near-parity with our opponents in that state.

But it will do far, far more than that for the conservative cause.

If you recall, Ohio is the state where I called for a major effort to enroll new PCs in the Republican Party in John Boehner’s CD8.  The reason, of course was to create resistance in John Boehner’s CD8 to automatic pre-primary approval of Boehner as the district’s ‘automatic’ congressional candidate.  I’ve been hoping that such a threat would stiffen Boehner’s spine considerably in the budget negotiations.

Now such an initiative (and similar initiatives)  will only gain strength faster as Tea Party and similar groups will have access to rVotes.   The Tea Parties and similar groups will have access at no charge however Republican candidates above the mayoral level will be charged a nominal monthly fee much less than other database systems which can’t do anything near what Rvotes can.

Today a person familiar with the history of OFA/VAN told me that when first approached, the DNC wished death on the developers because implementation of VAN would mean considerable loss of centralized control of activists’ activities.  But the unexpected bonus that the DNC didn’t forsee was that it also networked ACORN, SEIU (and other unions) and Planned Parenthood into a common, shared database.

Even a good measure of the Democrats’ training videos will stand us in good stead as we learn to use rVotes effectively in our own areas.

Rejoice with me for Ohio, and start your own planning for how you will get rVotes in your own state.

Ron Robinson is founder and creator of PROCINCT, is a GOP official/activist in Los Angeles county, a new media & activist blogger and a businessman.