PROCINCT Post-Election Update: Success + Expansion

PROCINCT broke one of the major monopolies in 2010 that give local political parties their power during the tough-fought 2010 election.  Many local parties learned that they no longer possessed the monopoly on voter data that forces activists to come to them for the key tools to support their political GOTV activities.   For those of you are are inclined to ask: YES, PROCINCT is still available for your upcoming civic, county and local elections in 2011.  And yes, major improvements are in store (some even already in place) for PROCINCT.

Many are aware that PROCINCT launched just a few months before the last election for the express purpose of providing online GOTV walk lists to activists who could not get those walk/call lists from their local party – either because their local party was not strong enough to provide the walk lists, or because political ‘differerences’ caused party officials to withhold PDI or Voter Vault precinct data from groups they felt opposed their local agenda.

PROCINCT’s launch and operation through July to Nov 2 was a complete success, and was used by activists in about a dozen states to service over 16 million voters.  It worked out to supporting service on about 10% of the US electorate.

Three key features contributed to PROCINCT’s rapid adoption and success:
1.  You get your walk lists on your computer at home – no need to drive down to a party or campaign HQ to pick them up.
2.   Lists as short as a single street in a single precinct are possible (just a page or two), saving printer ink.
3.   The ability to save information on each voter for future use (PDI and Voter Vault cannot do this)

Other key features include:
* A fundraising/pledge system allowing locals to raise money for their local efforts
* Volunteer team management and communication features
* Voter transaction fulfillment and mobile features

PROCINCT was also responsible for some multi-media contributions such as the popular ‘The Five Tasks’ video, and several training videos which gained rapid acceptance at September’s RedState Gathering, and we’ll continue to make new open training resources available.

But we wanted to add resources that would make PROCINCT relevant to your political life every day of the year, not just when you are thinking of GOTV and precinct walks.  That’s exactly why we’ve added so many new sections to PROCINCT.  Here’s the breakdown:

walk.procinct.net: the original section of PROCINCT where you get your walk list and/or call lists to walk/call your precinct, plus mobile functions.

party.procinct.net: promotes the concept of becoming a Precinct Committeeman, but in a way different from all the resources that have cropped up so far.   We’ve organzed the Precinct Committeeman effort into 50 states as has been done before but we’ve added a twist that is a little different: we provide personalized assistance to folks who are trying to become Precinct Committeemen, and when we have gathered enough information about a state to feel the information is fully authoritative, we award that state a ‘PROCINCT Certified Authoritative’ seal.  Plus, we try to help PC candidates remove obstacles to obtaining their seat and their vote on their local committee.   Just this week we investigated a situation in NY state where it appeared that local NY county Boards of Election had removed valid candidates from the ballot in their local Precinct Committeeman races. We revealed that some honest but misguided candidates had fouled their own filings and were indeed legitimately removed from ballots, and in the process discovered some formidable resources for folks in NY who wish to become local committeemen. Our investigation led us to recent Congressional candidate Leonard Roberto, who although unsuccessful in his recent bid for congress, has been helping Precinct Committeemen candidates in NY for years. Learning of the resources Mr. Roberto offers to PC candidates in NY allowed us the award the ‘Certified Authoritative’ seal to NY based on the services offered on his primarychallenge.org web site. PROCINCT will take on obstacles to getting on your local central committee and will investigate and expose corruption wherever it’s found. The most important concept behind party.procinct.net is the ability for all to to easily discuss, ask questions and share strategies for advancing the PC cause. As many of us at RedState already know, it’s the collective ability for each of us to easily make our voices heard that makes RedState so powerful. The same principle obtains with party.procinct.net.

blog.procinct.net: No ongoing effort would be complete without a news blog. PROCINCT now has one, divided into 4 major news sections. Most prominent is the news section for… Precinct Committeemen. You’ll also find major news categorties for GOTV/PROCINCT precinct walk activities, Election Fraud, and general politics. LadyImpactOhio has been instrumental in major contributions to the election fraud section. Thank you LIO!  Recently, we published a story on how a single local committee took out their party state chair – a guy who is also RNC Treasurer.  That’s news you can use in designing strategies for your own committee, once you get seated!

tv.procinct.net: is coming soon, but will serve as a training tool, a conferencing resource, and will furnish internet broadcast content; bringing you authorities and personalities you won’t want to miss.  It’ll be genuine help in a highly digestible form for folks who want to become a precinct committeeman or want to further their ‘careers’ as the same.

The quiet context behind everything PROCINCT is doing these days is to provide authoritative information, and to help remove obstacles to your precinct committeeman and your GOTV activities.  Accordingly, we are listening very closely to the everyday needs of PC candidates and trying to help in every way we can.

It’s my personal hope that you will use PROCINCT to assist your day-to-day activities in GOTV and PC activities, and that you’ll recruit others to use PROCINCT to stay up-to-date and explore those possibilities for themselves.

Your contributions to the discussion at PROCINCT are valuable and essential. Even if you have only a question to ask, you should speak up a PROCINCT – if you have a question, there are others who will surely want to know the answer, too.

Crossposted: for people who wish to become precinct committeemen