PCs Turn Out State Party Chair, RNC Treasurer

Don’t let them tell you that those lil’ ol’ Precinct Committeeman don’t have much power.  They have power in spades.  CW already wrote about this earlier, but I wanted to put a finer point on it.

Witness what just happened in AZ.  The Precinct Committeemen in one small legislative district turned out the state party chair.  How?  Isn’t the AZ GOP party chair elected by the entire state?  Yes.  But in order to be an officer in the AZ state party, the candidate must occupy a seat on the AZ state central committee.

If the local District decides to replace their elected delegate in their state seat, then a state party official could lose his or her basic qualification to serve as a state officer.

That’s exactly what happened to AZ state party chair and RNC treasurer Randy Pullen.  His home district, District 11, declined to re-appoint him to the state committee, and thus he loses his qualification to serve as state chair for AZ.  The move did not affect his status as RNC treasurer.

It’s proof positive that grassroots action at the local level can have a profound affect on state or even national party politics.  Even an official as experienced, effective, and authoritative as Pullen.

In this case, it was not exactly a big win for true conservatives.  Pullen is well known as a true conservative and McCain moderates denied him the privilege of serving again as their state delegate, which in turn deprived him of his qualification to serve as AZ state chair.

All the more reason that true conservatives should get the message loud and clear that their participation in local precinct committeeman work is required.  Not just needed.  Required.

It’s not just small potatoes politics serving at the local level – sometimes a little strategy and knowing the local bylaws can have a disproportionate effect.

H/T: Coldwarrior

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