Accelerate the Tea Party GOP Takeover

And I do mean accelerate.  Like driving a tanker truck full of gasoline into a prairie fire.  The accelerant?  Your state’s GOP bylaws.

One of the purposes of the precinct committeeman project, as we sometimes say, is for some of our precinct committeemen to be drafted upwards into the state (and eventually, national) party committees.   Every year or two in California, there is a way for hard-working folk to get direct appointments to their state party committee.  Check the state bylaws in your state – such an opportunity may exist for you as well.

It works like this: in California, every candidate for statewide office or national office (Senate, House)  whether victorious or not, gets to make several appointments directly to the state central committee.   Needless to say, this obviates what would otherwise be several years of  hard work at the county level to get that state committee appointment, or the competition to be elected to a delegate seat.

Yes, you read that right, I did say ‘victorious or not’.

Parties want to be able to take advantage of the political power, including the volunteer base, contributors, voter data, and other resources that even moderately successful campaigns attract, and they want their candidates to have a venue to build their own power bases between races.  Thus some states offer state committee seats to candidates who finished their races.   If  the race didn’t result in a win, then in CA the number of appointments is proportional to the plurality earned in the race – in CA it’s 3 appointments if the candidate received 35% of the vote and 5 appointments if the candidate received 45% of the vote.

This may not apply in your state, and your mileage may differ from California’s, but you should definitely check into this.

If every Tea Partier who worked on such a campaign seeks or lobbies for those appointments,  we will turbo-charge our takeover of the Republican Party.

Needles to say, I am seeking just such an appointment myself.