Victory vs California

My dear friend LaborUnionReport encourages us to shrug regarding California.

I disagree, at least as a Republican.  (I incorporated my business in Nevada, abandoning California, long, long ago.)

To understand why Republicans lost so badly in California, we need to understand some very simple numbers.  I’ve read the blogs and listened to the pundits and California wasn’t lost by moderate Republican candidates like Meg and Carly, as the pundits all say.  Statewide in CA, the Tea Party helped turned out 57% of the Republcan base which is pretty darned good.

But in many areas like LA, even if the Tea Parties and Republicans had turned out 100% of our vote, it would not have been enough to win, as our opponents each received more votes than we have registered Republicans.

It means that for at least 5-10 years, Republicans have totally failed to get their message out, for in LA, Republicans are now outnumbered 2.2:1 by Democrats.

This is exacerbated by the fact that in California, no ID is required to register to vote.

Now it’s time to take risks with getting our message out.  It’s time now to seek common cause with those citizens who think they are Democrats but are actually conservatives and encourage them to change their registration.  It’s time to spend the next two years making to local party chairs’ phones ring with questions from the angry MSM about this bold ad at an Inglewood bus stop or that ad on Hulu that is making Democratic officials and liberal reporters hyperventilate.

It’s time to take advantage of controversy to get the issues discussed openly if heatedly.  Angry people make mistakes and ‘say what they really mean’ and canny Republicans can use that to their advantage.

It’s time to reach out with our real message of opportunity, prosperity, family and much more.

And take real risks delivering that message into the communities that need our governance the most.

My fondest hope is that all those Democrat campaign consultants who won so many races here statewide will be invited into other states to help salvage victories outside California in 2012.  Wouldn’t that be fun?