Colbert Opponent Running Scared in CA CD 29

Late Breaking: Hugh Hewitt just scheduled John Colbert for a conversation today at 6 Eastern, 3 Pacific.

Dem incumbent Adam Schiff is running scared in California’s CD 29.  Perhaps it was the fact that John Colbert just scheduled Newt Gingrich for a fundraiser on Oct 9.

Perhaps it’s simply that John Colbert is the favored Tea Party candidate in this Congressional District.

Perhaps it’s simply Adam Schiff’s own voting record and the fact that Schiff’s good buddy Brad Sherman in a neighboring CD has just introduced a measure to make Right to Work go away in the 22 states where right to work exists.

In any event, Schiff conveys in his letter to constituents that he has plenty to worry about, with phrases like:  “his campaign is no joke” … ‘We cannot take this threat lightly” …

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I promised folks at the Redstate Gathering that our campaign would have a few surprises in October and the Newt fundraiser is one of them.

This one, of course, was unplanned!

Opensecrets.org reveals that Schiff has been raising most of his money from unions and trial lawyers, while most of Colbert’s contributions come from the retired, health care and technology sectors. 100% of Colbert’s contributions are supplied with full donor disclosure while Schiff (much more lavishly funded) has over 10% of his contributions (over $48k)from undisclosed sources.