Thank You to Our Troops - From the Core of Hollywood

One of the best Thank You’s I’ve ever seen. And this is from the hot flaming core of Hollywood. There are still some there who honor our country and those who have served it. Let’s encourage them. After this, I want to thank the music and video crews who put this together – they did it so well.

The woman who produced this was in my office today offering her crew’s pro bono services to our campaign. There are still a few true hearts in Hollywood who seriously want to see a conservative victory in November. Can you believe we got this lucky?

Krys Fehervari leads a Hollywood crew who all believe in the glory of our country and those who serve it. As we all know, that’s rare enough in Hollywood these days.

We should be thanking them for lending their formidable talents to producing this great video.

My hope is everybody here will help make this video go viral – here is the short link: http://bit.ly/aocrje Youtube has changed the location of their embed code – just right click right on the video itself now and select ‘copy embed html’ and it’s on your clipboard.

And don’t forget to send the link to all the vets you know.