Video: Classless. Just Classless. Our Class Warfare President

Of course, Democrats not wanting to be tainted by Obama’s ‘campaign help’ scattered to the four corners.  But TX Governor Rick Perry (R) took his ceremonial duties seriously in spite of the fact that he has vigorously and vocally opposed many of Obama’s policies.

Greeting the President of the United States – even if he is of the opposing party and has put in place measures that put the state of Texas, by name, in the cross-hairs of damaging WH policy – is simply the expected duty of one of the US’s most hospitable states (and I’m originally from OK, so there is no love lost there, but truth is truth).

But when Gov. Perry simply tries to hand Obama a letter, Obama refuses it and Perry is forced to hand the letter to Valerie Jarrett.

So we witness Obama score another point in the class warfare game.  A point that he will probably regret.


Hey there Hoss, don’t mess with Texas.