United States of Ghetto - H1B Visas Decline Sharply

If the Obama administration wanted to turn the US into a social justice mecca where everyone is equally poor, they are certainly implementing the proper policies.

Today we learn that H1B visas are not only sharply down but

Customs and Border Protection agents were denying entry into the United States of holders of valid H-1B visas at Newark International Airport. Agents were focusing on travelers from India, and turning back a large number of them, according to reports cited in the blog.

OK, let me see.  It’s OK if uneducated illegals enter our country across the southern border and stay as long as they like.  Heck, we even set aside a large part of Arizona for them where there is no law enforcement and they can have their drug wars on our own soil.

H1B Visas are designed to attract just the sort of immigrant we want coming to our country.  Those with educations and productive skills who are real assets in making a contribution to our economy.

Instead, we allow unskilled migrants to cross our border, make use of our expensive social services, commit crimes against our citizens and property, and we still won’t reliably deport them.

So let me add this up – attract criminals and economically disadvantaged, pay for them, and let them stay.  Keep educated, skilled, taxpaying immigrants out.

And for our own citizens, keep extending their unemployment, overtax the remainder, and ensure that jobs continue to disappear.

Sounds like a perfect way to build a ghetto.

Was that the plan all along?