The GOP Is Home Alone.

Exactly like a 12 year old boy with complete freedom to create all the mischief that a highly creative mind can produce and no adult supervision, the GOP has been Home Alone for decades now with no sane oversight.

This produces events like the RNC paying a $2,000 bar tab at an LA S&M club, and our highest RNC officers conspiring to arrange $7 million in additional debt to the RNC balance sheet without the RNC CFO finding out about it.  Money I’m certain has already been spent on similar fun.

Consult your own experience, local, state or national for other vivid examples.  They think their actions either won’t be noticed, or that the consequences will be so manageable as to produce no real barrier to similar future betrayals.

There is just one very good reason why this has been happening, and just one very good reason why these adolescents have been able to grow bolder and bolder in their insane antics.

The adults are out of town doing something else.  The foxes have been left in charge of the hen house.   The  boar has been left to tend the garden.

Like many of you, I have read many, many book by pundits like Ann Coulter, Tammy Bruce, Sean Hannity and others who promise in their forwards that in the last chapter they will tell you how to take your country back.  When you get to the end, you are disappointed to learn that you have already been doing everything they think you should do: speak out, write letters, go to protests, and especially, buy the next book.

They don’t tell you what will really work, because they don’t know.

Most of us don’t know.  But a few do, and their voices are quickly gaining volume, authority and stature, because their message is the only one that will produce an effective solution.

What are they saying?  Basically, they are telling you to return home and furnish the adult supervision that the party so obviously needs.

You already know that the national and state GOP is managed and governed by a committee.  What you may not realize is that the party in your county is also governed by a committee.   You can easily become a member of that committee.

You should become a member of that committee.  Start now.

Here’s the key:  the seats on that committee, usually allocated by law, are 30% to 70% vacant in most areas.

That’s Vacant as in Unoccupied.  Empty.  Unclaimed.  Idle.

So the party operates without supervision because of so many open and vacant county committee seats just waiting for someone to speak up and claim them.

That should be you, Dear Reader.

The process for getting seated in one of these voting committees differs from state to state and they all use different terminology and titles.

But one thing will surely work to find out how it works.

Call your county party.  Tell them you want to be a voting member of the county committee (sometimes called the Central Committee, with a nice, Marxist ring).   Usually there is a petition or a spot on a ballot involved.  But learn the process, jump through the hoops.   Put that vote to work, and bring the party back under adult supervision.

It’s your county committee that chooses most of the delegates to the state party, and the state parties that choose most of the delegates to the RNC.  You can embark on that careerist journey, too if you are so inclined, but that’s not required.

But nothing happens until you claim that (probably) unoccupied central committee seat in your neighborhood.

And the really good news is that most states have alternate systems to ensure that every local committee has full representation.  So if the election to occupy your neighborhood seat is some time off, you can become appointed as a voting alternate.  You still wield the vote at the county level if your primary delegate does not appear at the central committee meeting.

Some of us in Vegas at RightOnline this past weekend did some vigorous work to ensure that several prominent talk show hosts understood that this was the only to actually take back party governance and put it back on a solid foundation.  They will soon begin getting the word out effectively.

The.  Only.  Way.

So if you have lost all patience with the adolescent antics of our ranking party officials and feel you want to punish them or oust them, then pick up the baseball bat that is your county central committee seat, (or as ColdWarrior calls it, the precinct committeeman seat) and whack those misbehaving party officials.  Hard.

You don’t even have to don a purple shirt to do it.

And it’s fun.   I can attest.