PROCINCT Update: 5.5+ Million Voters - See Your Megawatts at RightOnline

When we all return from RightOnline in Vegas this weekend, we’ll be right about at the 100 day mark from the November elections, and fully energized for the tasks ahead!  RightOnline will be brilliant with megawatts of activist energy and, yes, the star power there, too.  Look for PROCINCT at RightOnline in Vegas.

If you already have access to PDI (or Voter Vault), then you are all set for your precinct walks.  If you don’t have access to PDI, or if you want to make all the data you gather this season to be available to you in 1012 or 2014 and beyond, then you need to take a serious look at PROCINCT to help you organize your precincts and your precinct walks, now and in the future.

PROCINCT just passed the 5.5 MILLION voter mark – not bad for just at 2 months in operation.  Several new features have been added.  First, is the ever-popular odd/even walk lists so your precinct walk list only contains the addresses for the side of the street that you wish to walk.  Bar code printing capability has also been added (contact us if you desire this for your area).  Enhancements have been made to the voter edit function.

If you don’t have the background on PROCINCT , check here and here.

Most important to PROCINCT is an idea that has never existed before.  In the past, if you were relying on the party to provide you with PDI (or Voter Vault) access, then you had two problems: the first is that you had to toe the party line or your PDI access would get shut down.  The second, was that one the campaign season was over, so was your access to the voter data.  Any information you had saved in hopes of using it in a future election was gone as soon as the campaign ended.

Now that’s changed.  From the grassroots, because that’s where PROCINCT came from and that’s who ‘runs’ PROCINCT.

Think of PROCINCT as CRM for voters.  Unlike Voter Vault or PDI, PROCINCT allows you to keep your voter information from election to election.  It’s fast catching on as the solution of choice for many districts.

For PROCINCT started as, and will stay, a grassroots project;  soit’s great to contemplate that before long, the grassroots Tea Partiers will have better information than the parties, and can’t be deprived of proprietary and temporary data sources that the parties control.