Why Does Eve Schiff Volunteer in MD and Not Her Husband's District? (CA CD 29)

It’s a shame when any community loses a good volunteer, and Eve Schiff seems to be a very good volunteer indeed. She appears on 4 different committees on the PTA roster in her local neighborhood in Maryland. Obviously a hard worker.

Carpetbaggers: Democrat Adam Schiff does not live in his district, carpetbagging from Maryland to California.  His wife Eve seems to be a member of a Maryland PTA.  Guess that’s where they are raising their kids.

So it’s a darn shame that Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena in California has lost her volunteer services. Because her husband is Congressman Adam Schiff representing the 29th District in California.

I guess this means they are sending their kids to school in Maryland. I guess this means they actually live in Maryland. I’d provide a link, however her personal phone seems to appear on the roster.

John Colbert has a better vision for his constituents in California’s CD 29.    For starters, he actually lives in California.   Heck, he actually lives right in the district he wants to serve. And he’s a real businessman.  Endorsed by TEAPAC.net

Matter of fact, you know when you’re watching those CSI shows and the evidence techs are doing those computer/internet forensics? That’s John Colbert’s enCase software. Developed at the end of his 13 year career with the LA County Sheriff as their lead cyber investigator. John’s team (both at LASD and Guidance software) developed the the gold standard for cyber-forensics that can withstand judicial scrutiny.

There’s a lot more to learn about John Colbert and his journey to Congress, but in this post I wanted to let you know how easily we expect him to replace Schiff – because of who Schiff really is.