Obama Makes Reporting on Spill A Felony

Think this rule didn’t come directly from the White House? Getting within 65 feet of essential gulf recovery efforts is now a Class D felony with a $40,000 fine. Reporters have been thwarted again and again trying to bring us reportage on the Gulf situation. (H/T Tabitha Hale)

This was first reported on July 1, and I’m very surprised that bloggers everywhere have not picked it up days ago. Re-tweeting this one is not enough.

If we let this pass, then we are well and truly silenced whenever Obama does not want to deal with difficult questions. Why would we let 11 days pass with such direct WH control of the press? We need to speak out.

We need to make this into a very, very difficult question for Gibbs and for Obama.

We need to send them off an another damage control scramble.

Lucky for us, they give us plenty of material for that.