Obama Intimidation, Fraud Went Back to Primaries

Like something you would expect from  a Democrat, it’s all emotional and produced to be practically unverifiable.  But conservatives should be just as outraged by this just as most democrats seem complacent about it.  JadedbyPolitics mentions it from another perspective today and Fox finally ‘ran’ the story but also successfully buried it at the same time.  When I saw the clip below (H/T Susan in Glendale)  I had trouble verifying when the story even ran.  Finally From a Fox & Friends story on Sunday 7/11/2010 – Even Fox seems to be determined to bury the news, because you can’t find the clip or even a headline on their site about it; just Alisyn’s blog entry that the story is going to run today.

Watch the clip.  The film (still in post production) is produced by a Democrat, and all or most of the folks making allegations are Democrats.  Apparently there were over 2,000 fraud or intimidation complaints against Obama’s primary activities that the MSM and DNC kept quiet somehow.

But for someone who wants to check facts and verify, this is a tough, tough setup.  No names, no party titles, not even the states/cities where this happened (Houston is mentioned).

It’s obvious that the producer does not know much about the difference between election fraud and caucus fraud (similar, but different, and managed differently).

We need to throw a light on this.  Get Fox to put up the F&F clip and date it.

I’m hoping that when producer Gigi Gaston finishes this film, it will support verification instead of just jerking my tears and producing outrage.

Nevertheless, we must spread the word on this.  Double click the video to go to the actual Utube site and click ‘Embed’ to get the embed code to put this on your blog.

Also, note that when we are walking our precincts, this is one thing we have in common with almost every Democrat: fair elections and caucuses.  It’s worth mentioning when we walk.