Eight AZ LE Agencies Hired by Feds to... Catch Illegal Aliens

In the wake of the DOJ’s lawsuit against AZ over the recent AZ illegals law, it’s very interesting to note that since 1995, ICE has recruited, trained and funded eight AZ law enforcement agencies to… identify and round up illegal aliens.  As a matter of fact, Arizona State troopers were conscripted into the program.

So our fair and efficient federal government is suing AZ over an issue it has already deputized eight AZ agencies to perform for the past 15 years.

Known as ICE 237(g), the law was passed in 1995 during the Clinton administration and has spread to 71 agencies across the country.

“Laws like Arizona’s put huge pressures on local law enforcement to enforce rules that ultimately are unenforceable,” Obama complained.

“Unenforceable”? Hardly. Just since 2006, more than 110,000 illegal immigrants have been ID’d and rounded up for deportation under the extremely successful federal-state partnership, which is finally putting a dent in the backlog of criminal aliens in the United States.

Last year, one out of every five immigration-related arrests in the country was made by local police.

Presumably, HS Napolitano knows all this as the former Governor of AZ.  Why hasn’t she spoken up?

Local cops across the country are already directly involved in federal border security — the Obama administration just prefers not to acknowledge it. Its rhetoric and legal filings utterly ignore what it’s doing with its other hand, raising even greater suspicion that its opposition to Arizona’s new law is pure politics designed to energize the Democratic base ahead of November’s elections.