PROCINCT Milestones: ONE MILLIONth User, ONE percent of US Precincts

PROCINCT has reached it’s first three major ‘One’ milestones:  One.  Million.  Voters.   (over 1/2 of 1% of the electorate) and over One percent (1,958 of 181,182)  of the precincts in the US.  The next million voters will be far easier to gather in thanks to you! PROCINCT was also one month old yesterday.  This is the big ONE in many ways for PROCINCT.

That much of PROCINCT‘s success so far has been due to its own merits is arguable, but another factor is far, far more important.  I’m speaking of the brilliant minds that saw the potential of such a tool in the hands of the Tea Parties, the citizens, the activists, to take our parties back and advance the conservative agenda among the electorate.  You know who you are – I don’t need to cite you by name.  But thank you for listening carefully to the beginning of the conversation!  Who said something to somebody.  Who forwarded an email, or wrote a post or a comment.

Many of you spotted right away that PROCINCT is a tool to build influence in more than just one fashion by building relationships with the voters and thus influencing elections.   Many of you instantly spotted the fact that PROCINCT, with its built-in pledge/fundraising system for your sub-county district, could change the way politics is financed in our country.   For my own 217 precincts, I predict that I will have to cover at least $5,000 in printing in 2011 to educate my voters, my political and business leaders.  I will have the little local treasury to do that thanks to how PROCINCT allows me to raise funds as my volunteers walk the precinct.  It will do the same for your district too, if you turn that feature on in your copy of PROCINCT.  (PROCINCT takes no ‘cut’ of this by the way – not one penny.)

The very, very blunt instrument that is my own mind did not produce a fully fledged PROCINCT ready to spread its wings – that has been a joint effort with political and ‘systems’ minds much sharper than mine informing the effort.  Thank you to those who have come forward with great ideas to make PROCINCT more useful!

PROCINCT‘s first volunteer programmer is about to come aboard – but as many who manage volunteer efforts know, accepting help (while applying best practices) can become a major expense.   To put a new programmer to work on a secure system, we first have to run criminal background checks, etc., etc. to ensure the safety and integrity of your voter data. (And remember, that data does not become ‘ours’ – it remains yours.)

I want to keep this report very short, but I also need to say this:  PROCINCT needs to begin financial preparations for going over 2 million voters – expanding systems, adding horsepower, and adding terabytes of storage.  That takes money.

As it happens, this Sunday, July 4th is my belly-button birthday, and I will be on the beach in Santa Monica walking the final mile with Matthew Perdie who has spend the past year walking across the USA carrying a US flag to protest Big Government Spending.  Our very own local TEAPAC.net was given the honor of organizing Matthew’s final mile.

Nothing would help our collective effort more than to return salty and sweaty from the beach to learn that lots of folks have added their little k-ching to the great peal of liberty on Independence Day by clicking our donate button so PROCINCT can build further.  Do I have to explain?  You get it.

Go ahead.  Make my birthday.  Make PROCINCT a real force.