Vladimir? A-Whale? Another Tool 'Overlooked' for the Gulf

H/T Hot Air

Apparently it’s a skimmer large enough to scoop up in 2 days all the oil we’ve been able to skim in 68 days.  (We’ve skimmed 600,000 bbl so far on 68 days.  The A-Whale can skim 500,000 bbl in one day.

Why didn’t the administration get this ship into the game 60 days ago?

Because it’s Taiwanese owned?

Because it’s registered in Liberia?

Because th EPA hasn’t ‘approved’ it yet?

Maybe the coast guard hasn’t counted the life jackets yet…

So it’s new and untried.  Send it.

Now we know it’s not just that they are not trying hard enough in the ‘Ongoing Administration-Wide Response’.

They’re not trying at all.