Businesses Noticing that Repubs Don't Like Them Very Much?

Devious mind that I possess, I loved Moe Lane’s post about some business leaders finally waking up to how the Dems are genuinely ‘out to get’ businesses of any size.   Those of us who operate companies a bit smaller than Verizon have felt the serious threat for a long, long time now.  Some businesses have already gone under, ya notice?

Respectfully, I would take Moe’s measures just one step further.   I would take the checks I write in Step 8, then write on them ‘BURNED – funds conveyed to GOP districts’ and fax them to the RNC,  NRCC, and NRSC, state and county chairs.  Then I would split the funds into 50 or 100 smaller checks**  and mail them to the sub-county districts that are actually cranking up precinct operations and active, real, on-the-ground GOTV operations.

** automated online solution coming – just had another devious idea I’ll post about later.

You see, there are many of us out here in flyover country who feel that giving to the RNC, the NRCC and the NRSC does not at all further the party ends we wish to see accomplished.  Why did the Tea Party movement arise in the first place?  Because the GOP was not doing the job.  Many tea party folks are now working to change the GOP, and the GOP folks we work with are probably fully aware that we are gunning for their jobs in 2 – 4 years.

The main task that the various Tea Party groups have been performing for their local GOP is setting up GOTV/GOTB and precinct operations for the local GOP.  I’ll let you talk to the various Tea Party leaders about ‘how good’ the local party leaders have been about supporting and funding this effort.  You can probably imagine.

Start trying to think your way through something I have been considering for weeks now:  what would happen if those of us who crank up precinct operations had all the money?  What if the state or county party had to come to us for a contribution?

We can make that happen.  We are going to be talking to each voter anyway!  We just have to remove the barriers we have in our own minds to asking for money.  But many voters we meet will volunteer the information that they have stopped giving to the RNC in anger.  That should be our cue to ask them to give to their neighborhood party instead.  All it takes is a Paypal account and those cost nothing.

I want to state here that the following idea works whether you are using PROCINCT or not – PROCINCT just makes it much easier.

I alluded to my devious mind above, but I didn’t let on just how devious it is – (PROCINCT users, perk up here!).  Built-in to the PROCINCT software I have been working on is a donation/pledge system that accrues to your local district (such as your own assembly, legislative, supervisor district) party or tea party treasury.  This isn’t vapor-ware – it’s already in there and it works.   If you are managing a collection of PROCINCT users, then you and your folks are talking to voters all the time.   All you need to do is settle on a number and ask every voter for a pledge.  I like $35 or $5/month or $10/month, whichever way the voter I’m talking to will seem to incline.  You mileage will differ.  Do what works.

Tell them that donation stays and is used right there in their district if they are unhappy with giving to the national, state or county party – ask them to help you change party governance by giving right in their own neighborhood.  Be sure and get their email address.  Check it twice.  When you get back to your desk, pull up that voter in PROCINCT and record the pledge.  This takes way less than a minute for each voter.  They are instantly sent an email with a link to click to fulfill that pledge (the pledge goes to the Paypal account you specify in PROCINCT set-up).    Remember, this is going to your little district GOP (or whatever) treasury.  (Compliance and disclosure is up to you.)    Train your workers to ask everybody they talk to for a pledge, and record that pledge/email address for that voter when they get back.

Of course PROCINCT takes care of sending them a nice ‘Thank You’ email to them after they click and pay their pledge online.  And of course, it records their donation in their voter record so you know who to go back to in 2012 and 2016.  Remember: if you are governing a precinct operation or a collection of them, YOU ARE THE MAN (or WOMAN) from election to election.  Why shouldn’t you have a well funded treasury for your district?

Devious man that I am, I even thought it would be very nice if this cute little internet district donation function would send a helpful little email to the RNC, NRSC, RNCC, the state chair and the county chair to let them know they missed a donation that was given at the district level instead.  Perhaps a check-box for you to check if you want that particular set of emails sent…

Would a few thousand of those emails get their attention?  I think it would.

I don’t think most folks working at the district (or any collection of precincts) level have been thinking about this much.  But is makes so much damn sense.  We just have to get over the bad, bad idea that we have to operate with tiny treasuries below the county level.

If we are serious about what we say we are trying to do with active precinct GOTV efforts, we should have every expectation of having a treasury that the county chair would covet.  We need that if we are genuinely going to offer true public service to our voters.

As a matter of fact, what are we really-really saying about our precinct ops if we are not asking every voter for a contribution while we are walking?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your state or county chair coming to you asking for a donation… and your bloc of votes?  Think that would start to change party governance?