PROCINCT Progress Report: Make Your Precinct Captains Effective!

Today PROCINCT is three weeks old and acceptance has been amazing.  So have the lessons learned.  The code flies every night, and unlike Dilbert’s Russian coders, we don’t get to slam out some code and go rollerblading.  There is a lot of daytime ambassadorship involved.  Er… evangelism.  OK, sales.

PROCINCT has almost a million voters online.  I’d hoped to report over a million today, and the next Congressional District to upload will almost certainly put us over a million.  I estimate that as the minimum for threshold credibility.  The next million will be much easier.  PROCINCT has put online every voter file uploaded except 1, and done it overnight every time.  Some were for a single precinct.  Some are entire counties and CDs.  We have a couple of areas in TX, TN, IL, FL and lots of areas in CA where I can be a personal ambassador.  Districts in PA and MI Real Soon Now.

Features, Bells, Whistles, Smoke, Mirrors, plus Real Stuff: PROCINCT is almost unrecognizable from where it was three weeks ago.  For a while there, we could add stuff as fast as people asked for it.  Now that’s not required as almost everything we really, really need is in there and/or folks are being patient.  Need bar codes?  It was in there last Sunday; contact us.  Custom interview/rating info on your sheets for your walks?  Perhaps this weekend.

Sobering Observation: Perhaps I’m impatient or perhaps the solution is a couple of bullets down.  There are too many districts/precincts that only have one person in them.  That’s alarming.  Keep reading.

PROCINCT Training:  Yes, we will put up a ustream media TV thing where you can get training online – we will also put some of our TEAPAC Tea Parties online via ustream so folks in the wastelands can become a part and feel included.  Any volunteers?

PROCINCTmobile was released before OFA’s iPhone app. PROCINCTmobile is for ALL phones, not just the iPhone.  To calm the fears of those who think OFA iPhone is a threat or an election-winning app, the announcement page on OFA mentions no ability to call voters or walk voters as PROCINCTmobile provides.   OFA mobile is just RSS feeds (news and events) and smoke lights and mirrors.  Entertainment for those who need to be entertained.  Rome fell over bread and circuses.  Well the circus is in town if you download that OFA app.  Let’s hope that entertainment is enough for them.  We intend to put our people to work talking to voters while they are being entertained and connecting on Facebook.  I’m really hoping they furnish great entertainment; prolly won’t take much…  Face it, these folks are easily distracted.

TEA Party Orgs: PROCINCT will put you over the top on attendance and effectiveness. We know that PROCINCT can’t help you without a viable ‘meat space’ component to adopt PROCINCT, train your members in it, and lift your org up with a critical tool that makes you effective, effective, effective.   We started early with an experimental relationship with TEAPAC in Pasadena, headed by the highly capable and effective Michael Alexander.  The relationship is still evolving, but becoming more effective with each day.   It’s our intent to force this evolution in relationships to become the national model for how to populate the precints and your PROCINCT users with effective workers.  The fact is, your organization without PROCINCT can’t compete with organizations that are using PROCINCT, and PROCINCT won’t be effective if your org is not using it.  It’s symbiosis between meatspace and cyberspace; neither can succeed without the other.  There is no other tool out there to make you this effective… and powerful.

New/Social Media Support – Where is It? It’s coming, I promise.    Matter of fact, I’ve been using some of the tools I’ve crafted to promote PROCINCT itself to over a million Tea Party activists/readers on the 30 various ning Tea Party sites.  Awesome.  Almost ready for you.  Plus a tool that allows you to post to Twitter and Facebook with one click without having to install TweetDeck or some other.  Nice if you are on the road or on somebody else’s computer….   H/T Redstate: I lifted the code for part of this from your currently broken ‘blog this’ button.  Simply could not give up that functionality!

PROCINCT Ancient History: some of you may remember the old GOP OAC (Online Action Center) that gained some traction on RS over a year ago about the time of the GOP Tech Summit (**cough**).  It was a good idea, but died strictly on it’s own merits.  It was a top down project.  I don’t know why none of us thought to stand it on its head and make it a bottom up project as that has been exactly PROCINCT‘s success.  Mr. Grass Roots, this Bud’s for you.  Sometimes we just keep swinging until we finally connect.

Revenue Model: Yes, it was insane to release PROCINCT and promise to support it without a revenue model specified in advance, but I took that part on faith and events have supplied the want.   Not one penny in expenses has been repaid yet, but the revenue model has emerged that should be very serviceable.

Congressional campaigns that will only be around until November will supply their communities with a genuine, operable legacy for only $500/month.  Your fundraising button appears on every screen for your district so there is a good chance that it’s an investment that pays, rather than an expense.  That’s chicken scratch for a serious congressional challenge.  We suggest you fund and grant your PROCINCT activity thru your strongest local Tea Party org so that your campaign genuinely does fund a legacy in the community that continues after election day.  The first iron clad commitment I got today from a congressional campaign manager was accompanied with a double-take:   That’s all??!!?? Yeh.

The other component of the revenue model is Tea Party or voter service orgs that will continue the relationships with the voters after November.  Some are small and will be charged nothing.  As soon as you pick up the phone to talk to me about combining districts we are talking about a revenue situation.  If a Tea Party org is supporting enough real candidates that they need to expand beyond (say) a single CD – in other words, if your org is supporting a congressional candidate and a state senator and a state assemblyman, you will be contacting us asking how to integrate more than 1 disparate district.  We can do that.  Already have.  So go to all those campaigns for some money right now – hold a fundraiser dance/dinner.  PROCINCT will be very reasonable at only $100/month for each combined district intersection.  Doesn’t matter how many precinct workers you support.  The more the merrier.  In the situation described above, it’s only $200/month (3 districts, 2 intersections).  Plus we publish your fundraising button at the top of every PROCINCT screen for your users/districts only.  In effect, you have ‘private branded’ PROCINCT with your logo and donate button.   Only one district?  It’s free.  And your donate button is still in there.

The last part of the revenue model is grants.  If you have ever written a successful seed grant application for an entity that does not yet have a balance sheet or governance, please contact me at rsr (at) cartsupport.com and just attach a copy of the app that got funded.

That’s More Than Enough. I have real work to do.  Tell the people you know who are called upon to manage collections of precincts… about PROCINCT.  Blog, Tweet and FB about it.  Contact me.  I will help you.