Action This Day: Dearborn Mayor, Chief Contact Info - Arrested Orderly Christians for Lit Handouts

I saw the video a day or so ago** and was modestly outraged… until I learned today that the Christians handing out literature at a Muslim public civic event were arrested for ‘disorderly conduct’. Now I’m livid.   Watch the video and judge for yourself just how ‘disorderly’ they are.  They even surrender their video equipment without argument when asked.

Now I always want cops to look good and do the right thing. I am a volunteer officer myself – a training SGT at a local PD.

** I felt that sinking feeling when I saw 8 officers responding to only 3 Christians handing out literature.  And it gets worse – at least half of them are doing what I call the ‘Bubba Belt Grip’ – you know, that authoritative, half combative stance that makes cops look bad in my book.  It’s bad optics on the video any way you cut it.  Although I can’t positively train my volunteer officers not to do it, I counsel them not to use it – for very good reasons seen here.

Mayor John O’Reilly

Ronald Haddad, Chief of Police

…from the Dearborn PD opening page:  The mission of the Dearborn Police Department is to provide a sense of security for the people by protecting life and property, reducing the opportunity for crime and disorder, enforcing the law, and providing other police-related services as required by the community in a manner consistent with the values of a free society.   The Department embraces its tradition, honor and integrity, while at all times maintaining the highest ethical standards to preserve public confidence. (emphasis mine)

As Allahpundit says, the ‘defendants’ should be asking for big damages.

I am expecting to hear later today that charges have been dropped, and hear the Mayor and Chief apologize, and promise better training for their officers.  And train them that doing that ‘Bubba Belt Grip’ really hurts their public image.  Badly.  I’d rather see officers putting their hands in their pockets (another no-no at most departments).