Precinct Captains: Powerful Online GOTV Tool Is Now In Your Hands

Present or former precinct captain?  Find the job just way too big to manage and update volunteers and voters for your precinct or district/county?  Not enough help from the party with automated tools to gather and manage all the information you have to track to succeed and wield influence as a precinct captain?

Paper records on a clipboard or in file folders do not allow for even the most ambitious, energetic precinct activist to effectively and efficiently administer even a small precinct.  But now, with a new online app called PROCINCT, you no longer need to do it just on paper, or a spreadsheet emailed around to volunteers.  It’s the killer app for taking control back from the parties.  The parties do not want you to have this tool.

, now in ALPHA release, is ready for your early inspection and use. And, it’s FREE.  This private, secure online tool will enable you to manage and selectively share your voter data, your volunteers, and even conduct pledge drives and fundraising (for your own, local sub-county party or citizens  fund).

How will PROCINCT revolutionize U.S. party politics?

First,  PROCINCT keeps your voter data for your district (or county, or any collection of precincts) secure and private.  Only the people you designate can log in and access the voter and volunteer information.  That is key, so it’s provided.  Data uploaded to PROCINCT remains the property of the folks who uploaded it and available only to their designees.

PROCINCT‘s providers will never sell, access, or examine your voter/volunteer data except as required to provide requested support.  What’s yours is yours, and it remains yours.

Second, PROCINCT places in your hands (and your volunteers’ hands) the automated and online tools you need to maintain relationships with voters. Not just for this election season, but over time, in perpetuity.  What other tools are available to you for this?  None.  Until now.

Third, PROCINCT deploys for you a pledge/donation system that allows you to track pledges and provides you with a permanently hosted donation page – the funds go to the Paypal account that you designate – contributions are not to the local, state or national party, but to your little, local activism fund.   (You are responsible for your own compliance and disclosure, of course.)

Fourth, PROCINCT provides a task delegation system that lets cadre delegate tasks to volunteers, marks the tasks when completed, and allows leaders to follow-up on uncompleted or overdue tasks.  New and existing tasks are immediately visible to each precinct volunteer upon login.

Fifth, PROCINCT provides for online communications — at the bottom of every voter listing, PROCINCT provides an email list of the available voter email addresses for that listing.

Of course, there is much more coming, but those are the major functions provided for in the PROCINCT ALPHA release.

There is only one obstacle to getting this going for your local district or county – that is the voter file that you will need to upload to  PROCINCT – it should come from your county clerk or Board of Elections.  If you are a current party official (a renegade one, I hope) or have ever been a candidate, then you know all about the ‘voter file’ and could probably upload one for your district/county in the next few minutes.  PROCINCT will not accept uploads of copyrighted data or data whose use is restricted under other agreements.

If you are new to precinct activism and don’t know where to find such a file, there is help for you on the PROCINCT site after you sign up.

I wanted to keep this initial post introducing PROCINCT as short as possible.  For those of you who get it right away, please explain to others in the comments just how powerful this concept really is.  (Coldwarrior?)  I
will share some of the thoughts of some formidable local organizers in my next post on this topic in 48 hours or so.

In the meantime, please feel welcome to obtain and upload your district/county voter file and begin to turbo charge your precinct operations.  Advice and suggestions are welcome!  You can email me at rsr (at) cartsupport.com   (H/T: Coldwarrior, thanks for the tips!)