OMG! My Phone Is a LIAR!

RCP conveys Obama’s idea that iPads, Xboxes, etc. bombard us with all kinds of content, ‘some of which don’t rank all that high on the truth meter’.  And Friedman, (who I used to love, but now regard as a crazy guy abusing a bully pulpit) now tells boomers that the tooth fairy is dead.

Now I am a serious student of nuance y’see, and I can figure things out.  Obama does not want us to be distracted by devices that might not tell us the truth.  Or maybe he meant content that does not tell us the truth.  He seems confused about that, but it’s OK, the message is still clear to smart people.  In order to govern effectively, Obama is telling us that he needs a monopoly on that commodity that we regard as ‘the truth’.  Sorry, no competing narrative allowed.  Useful ideas are not advanced by merit, but by control of the medium.

I get it.

He’s been attacking banks and GS for several weeks now.  That’s ‘code’ for your iPad (or my ‘Droid) is lying to us about our bank balance or the true value of our mutual funds or 401ks.

Friedman (or my ‘Droid, or the NYT, or Google Chrome) wants me to think the tooth fairy is dead.  Hell, I almost have no teeth left anyway, so I know the tooth fairy never existed.

Like I said – I understand nuance.

I know for a fact that my teeth are lying to me.   So is my ‘Droid map which still shows me in the middle of a county with no Unicorns and Rainbows.