I Trust AZ LE Officials

I trust law enforcement in Arizona.  They read in these spaces just as we do and they will continue to some extent – as always – to desire the good opinion of their fellows.

Profiling will not be required in order to have a major impact – purely behavioral indicators can be relied upon just as they are now.  I have a teeny bit of experience here and can point out a few purely behavioral (perhaps a bit cultural) indicators that officers may rely on as an indicator:

1.  More occupants in a vehicle than available seat belted seat positions (this differs from the mandatory seat belt law).

2.  Over-loaded vehicles or vehicles with improperly secured loads.

3.  Violation of existing trespassing laws.

4.  Violation of littering laws.

Just being aware of these activities would be enough to give every LE officer in the state 10 or more hours of overtime every week.  And you can be fairly sure that if an infraction is observed less than an hour before shift change, it will probably slide unless it’s serious.

It’s rarely spoken of, but far more than most of us would suspect, someone that an officer has good reason to suspect is here illegally is simply let go for a slightly more serious offense because the officer knows that ICE will not respond.  They know that they will probably see the offender again related to an offense where local policy mandates that the suspect be taken into custody.  They rely on that certainty more than we may be willing to acknowledge.

Now we will see far fewer minor offenders having ‘more rights’ than established citizens and legal resident guests.

We should trust the Arizona cops to do the job they do so well, and already have the proper training to do.