Think Violence ALL the Way Through

Although I deplore violence and the threat of violence from any side, perhaps we heed to think this one through thoroughly from our side, and do it collectively in open discussion.  Let’s get rid of all the coded rhetoric and talk about the real deal with no ornamentation.

I am an NRA life member.  I love my second amendment freedoms.  I hunted as a boy, although I don’t anymore.   Still love going to the range.  I am a deadly shot.

I want to point out that folks of the ‘lock and load’ mindset only play into the hands of Obama’s totalitarian dreams.   Many have speculated in these spaces that Obama’s real goal is to sow enough economic social, and regulatory chaos, poverty and political anger that he will ‘have no choice’ but to impose totalitarian control to restore order.  The more we watch (especially those of us who are businessmen and who see the economic chaos coming a result of many, many of Obama’s new policies) the more we may find those totalitarian arguments convincing.

None of us who has the odd fowling piece over the mantle (or something more ‘serious’ squirreled away somewhere) should think for an instant about taking it down until we have fully and absolutely populated all the vacant precinct chairs, precinct captains or party central committee seats in our communities and neighborhoods.  And be vocal about it: post far and wide that you are getting involved in your neighborhood party politics.

If you want to put abject moral fear into the hearts of our politicians, then confront them with the certainty of a party that will never again help them get elected, and with a party that has newer, better public servants they can never hope to compete against.  Don’t cater to their dreams (yes, even some from the right) of imposing totalitarian control.

One final thought for those of us who love our second amendment partly because it puts fear of an armed populace in politicians’ hearts:  a few years ago we here in California had to endure the spraying for fruit flies conducted by the state.  From South Pasadena, I watched a platoon of helicopters flying over in formation.   Although their presence was fairly benign that day, they did look rather ‘businesslike’.   They weren’t even combat choppers – they were Hueys.  The scene was a chilling reminder of an air mobile assault demonstration I’d watched years earlier in Wolferstetten, Germany during the cold war.  So for those of you bubbas who are thinking of organizing a Neighborhood Watch Mortar Platoon, just remember that FLIRs have made it onto your local police force helicopters and patrol cars.  If it comes to that, it’ll get real serious, real fast, with Hellfire drones available to only one side.  You may be ready to give your life today, but are you ready to give your daughter’s?   I didn’t think so.  It’s not that bad yet; not by a long shot.

So we need to learn how to attend precinct meetings and central committee meetings and ‘politick’ and yes, even the dreaded concept of asking folks for political contributions.  If we don’t do that first, then we can expect eventually to be defeated by the Cobras and Apaches of those who did.

In 1776, the fighting didn’t begin until all, and I mean all political options had been exhausted.  We are not even close to exhausting all our political options in this fight.  I am active in the ‘Precinct Activism’ movement and I can tell you that there are still plenty of vacant precinct captain and central committee seats – we need to fill each one of those, then wait, participate and watch.

Strike the real fear of God deep in their hearts.