Green Gridlock: Regulations Prevent Recycling in CA

And the MSM wonders why unemployment figures are consistently and ‘unexpectedly’ higher than expected… and businesspeople are taking a hard-nosed view of any potential recovery and the investment required for a strong recovery.

It’s because they expect more fiascoes like this to affect their businesses.

In CA, farmers who want to recycle cattle waste to generate methane and in turn generate electricity are finding their methane operations shut down by… clean air regulations.  And it’s not just ‘green’ recycling operations that are affected.  One farmer apparently received about 1.5 million in grants for his $3 million methane  project, so all that grant money is wasted as well.

When one considers this story along with other stories like the mandatory, involuntary ‘unionization’ of home care providers and the owners of child care businesses then it’s no wonder why business people are being extremely, extremely cautious – to wit: investing more in offshoring and legal compliance avoidance than in investments that might increase productivity, sales, and employment.

It’s no wonder then, that investment that could stimulate a recovery just is not happening.  Business owners are preserving cash cushions against over-regulation, and investment that could mean recovery is simply being postponed.