'Re-Register' As A National Meme and a National Priority

We should all be emailing and posting the following to as many county, state, and national officials as we can each reach:

SUBJECT: Re-Registration As A National Meme and a National Party Priority
Liberal leaders all over the country are conveying the message that their ideas and values are barren and bankrupt by abandoning their base in deciding not to run for reelection. They are abandoning their base to a leaderless future. Why should their base tolerate that for a single instant?
We should invite their base to abandon their lack of leadership and effective action in turn by offering all rank and file party members a chance to re-register as voters.
By making ‘re-register’ (and yes, I do mean ‘re-register’ with a change in party) a national meme and a national priority that all of our leaders are encouraging, we are claiming ownership as the party of ideas that will advance our nation and halt the advance of bad ideas that so many are vocally deploring.
Such a national campaign can only serve our best long and short-term interests! Why?
First of all, at the street level, it’s a very easy and quick way to help folks officially register their discontent with current and proposed policies. Although many of the elite will deplore and condemn such an action, it’s really a choice up to the individual voter in the street, isn’t it?
It will show demonstrably that our party has the confidence and commitment to our own ideas, that we can ask and expect other voters to change parties if they genuinely want what’s right for their country. If we do any less in these times, we are really admitting that our ideas are as barren and as bankrupt as their ideas. If we sincerely offer them this simple method of registering their discontent, many, many will accept the offer.
Yes, it will be a little bit of fun to answer the outrage of the MSM and the opposing party leaders! We can expect to be accused of ‘poaching’ voters in a time of ‘national difficulty’. It’ll be a nice opportunity to talk about being ‘pro-choice’ and about ‘unintended consequences’ of the decisions of their national ‘leaders’. Imagine national leaders running to the cameras to express their outrage over such a movement.
Imagine the outrage of the anointed elite and intelligentsia. By voicing their outrage over the issue they will be conveying the idea to the rank-and-file — many of whom have a much lower level of loyalty to a given party than these so-called leaders have.
So for those of us who have half a dozen blank voter registration forms rattling around in the back floor or the trunks of our cars, let’s dust them off and put them in front of some liberals we know in our lives.
Ask them to re-register.
Point out that their national leaders are abandoning them in droves and ask them why they should maintain loyalty to a party that is so obviously and demonstrably abandoning them! Point out that a simple change in registration is a simple, easy and quick way to officially register their disapproval of current and proposed national policies – and the ‘leaders’ who have been promoting those policies.
Then forward this post to as many county, state and national public figures as you possibly can identify. Copy and paste this article into as many comment and blog post blanks – anywhere – as you can!
For many of us who are canvassing our precincts or districts to join our local party committee (check the rules in your own locality) we are allowed to re-register any voter then allow them to sign our petitions to be seated on our county committee. We should be actively engaged in just this activity!
This is the perfect iron to strike now in the heat of the current political debate.