What International Precedents Do NYC Trials Set?

Has anyone speculated on what effect this will have on our diplomatic relations with many countries where we historically have difficulties?

Will our legal attaches (usually FBI agents) be PNG’d on the assumption that we are acting to enforce OUR laws on THEIR soil? (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

Will US servicefolk in transit around the world be arrested at X airport and tried for ‘crimes’ that were not committed on the host country’s soil, but in Iraq and Afghanistan — based on the precedent that we are now setting?  How many countries can you imagine where this could happen?  Even some countries in Europe would be candidates for this idea.

If we can try people in our civilian courts for crimes that were committed on another country’s soil, then other countries may decide that they can, too.

What would Hugo Chavez do with that idea?

Would Obama be strong enough to resist successfully in such an action?  (I think we know – he would always side with the prosecutors; especially if the protagonists are members of our military he loves so much).

With Obama prodigiously displaying his weakness on so many international stages, this could become the new international blood sport of third-tier nations.