Adv. Intelligence: Dem. Congresscritter Adam Schiff Townhall (Aug. 11, Alhambra, CA Dist #29) Promises to Be Interesting!

Shucks. My wife threw out the franked mailer we got about (D) Adam Schiff’s townhall this week.

Schiff’s own Congressional web page had nothing on the event: schiff.house.gov (although the most recent entry in his blog does mention it).

So I googled ‘Schiff townhall’ and got my advance intel prep!  What great information is available – I love the www!  It’s amazing to me how the liberals publish theiur unsavory agenda in front of God and everybody.  It’s as if they think the only folks that will be reading their posts are ones with opinions like their own.  Ya think?

The very first 2 links returned by Google:

From the Democratic Underground web site:
Support healthcare reform – Adam Schiff town hall, Aug 11, Alhambra CA – Democratic Underground.

We must be sure we are not crowded out by those intending to disrupt the proceeding and that our voices are heard. Congressman Schiff was one of the President’s earliest supporters and committed to his Health Care Reform goals. By being in attendance we protect and support him in his efforts on our behalf.  To help us track numbers and make contact please rsvp for the event at mybarackobama.com. (emphasis mine)

Which links to the second article returned by Google: a related story at mybarakobama.com (“bring your ID”, etc)

Only residents of district 29 will be let inside. (BRING YOUR ID) HOWEVER, we need a lot of support outside the event from those of you who are not in 29. We expect a large overflow of people. We will have “myth buster” information sheets, Declaration of Support sheets, and we will have medical professionals and all of you answering what questions we can. We need a Truth Squad if you will! (emphasis mine)

Needless to say, I’m going to get there about 4:30 and take my pocket HD video cam…