Smart Grid Will Let Your Home Have Power - If You Vote Correctly

H/T Powerline: Drive-By Blackouting – Security Watch

Did your precinct vote the ‘wrong way’ in the last election?  Look for trouble on the power grid in your neighborhood as a result.  Elections have consequences after all.

For those of us of the persuasion who see political manuevering behind ACORN funding, the recent IG firing, the DOJ dropping ‘sure thing’ prosecutions of electioneering miscreants, political closings of profitable car dealerships and much much more discussed in these spaces, picture this scenario:

Your precinct just happens to vote to toss out your Democrat congressman in 2010.  A week later, your neighborhood is experiencing blackouts and brownouts, day in and day out.  The power company cannot explain the problems, but eventually blames the victims for ‘messing with their smart meters’.

OK, let’s walk through this carefully.  ACORN is already appropriated billions and billions more from our Treasury than the $800,000 they got from Obama’s campaign.  Americorps and other ‘Civilian National Defense Corps’ organizations that are ‘just as powerful, just as well funded as our military’ now has billions and billions to spend on ‘social entrepreneurism’.

I’m suggesting that it’s not going to be a long reach for a few program managers to decide that they have the budget to engage in a little ‘social entreneurism’ with ‘risk capital’ (your money) to see what positive outcomes can be obtained by hiring a few clever script kiddies (young, semi-literate semi-programmers) who can’t make a successful adjustment to college life.  Yeah, those guys.  Hire them to see what can be done on the internet to shut down right-wing web sites.  And adjust voting results electroncally.  Oh yeah, and manipulate the power grid.  After all, the enabling technology (or lack of it rather) is already there.  Why not explore it?

We have seen it far too many times already in this adminstration: give the government unprecendented control over something and it is immediately used to deliver political retribution to its perceived enemies.  Same with the proposed ‘smart grid’ which already has $3 billion.

And this one is a slam dunk, technically.  You don’t even have to be a programmer anymore to be a successful hacker – especially as it would apply to hacking the power grid (see link above).

Time was when you had to be a programmers (or a semi-programmer capable of making a few mods to some existing code you downloaded).  But no more – in search of those ever elusive ‘bragging rights’, hackers now provide pre-compiled hack modules you can download from their web sites free.  Would you like that hack in Unix or Windows flavor?  Click here to download.

Quick and easy activity for a non-programmer social malcontent who is working for ACORN for a measly $1200 a month (after all, he is still living with Mom).

Grassroots ingenuity and creativity has always been the amazing miracle of our political system.

On the conservative side, we usually see it in new ways to create wealth through offering the maretplace amazing new goods and services.

On the liberal side, we see it manifest in social entrepreneurism where our public treasury provides risk capital for additional creative and stimulating ideas that will guarantee political control.

Of course, this is all after the offshore power grid attack.  And after you replaced your air conditioner because the smart grid reduced power to your household after noting that you were using too much pwer during a peak period.

I’d say more at this point, but I’m having to work on getting Norton Security installed on my smart electric meter.