Palin = Patience of Job & Our Eventual Salvation

Palin was invited, dis-invited, invited again and dis-invited again from speaking at the GOP’s Monday Gala.  The final reason given was that Sessions did not want her to upstage Gingrich.

Politico has the full story (H/T Hotair.com) Sarah Palin in, then out, back in -and now again out of fundraising dinner.

It’s all well and good that Sessions reasonably wants to honor Gingrich for the hard work he has put in over the years.  But the Republican party, in this season, shouldn’t be entirely about honoring vigorous party luminaries whose most productive time for the party is behind them.  The Republican party, if they wish to represent Conservatives in the next couple of elections, should be putting forth every popular personality who can advance the conservative cause on behalf of the party.  That means at the very least avoiding offending Sarah and her supporters.

Of course, we all realize that Sarah’s honesty, integrity, and straightforwardness interferes severly with the ‘rebranding’ of the Republican party as the visionaries currently running the party conceive of how the party must position itself toward the center – except the ‘senter’ has been moving left and the ‘Republican’ leaders intersted in ‘re-branding’ end up moving leftward of (and abandoning) the most vigorous and fruitful part of their base.

I think Sarah’s time will come, and I hope it is she who snatches the Republican nomination in 1012.

She should be able to quite easily murdalize Obama in 2012 and assume the White House.

That will mean she will also be the de facto head of the Republican party and she will begin appointing her people to the positions of power within the party apparatus.

Then we will begin to have a Republican party that we can respect again.