Chrysler Soon to Be D-E-D Dead.

Chrysler: “recognizing the value of our customers has never been more important,” — when placed in the context that ‘our customers’ (eg: taxpayers) are nothing more than cash cows stupid enough to come in to buy a doomed product?  

I got a great deal on a Nitro last year and still consider now that I was duped.  I have always loved the larger Dodge product and traded in my RAM Hemi for a Nitro last year for obvious reasons.  The Nitro turned out to be pretty cheesy although it does have the guts to pull my boat or a large gasoline trailer.

If anybody were stupid enough to walk in to a Chrysler showroom today, think  of the first natural question to ask: are you closing soon?  If the answer is no, of course you walk out… you can get a much better deal from one that is closing soon!  The closings not only hang the inventory of the delaers that are closing, but also those who are not.

But who would be stupid enough to walk up and begin that conversation anyway?  

Chrysler would be better off to lobby for foreign aid funds and ship all those cars to Africa as aid rather than try to sell them here.

Chrysler: Take Our Cash… Please | The Truth About Cars.