Obama Cancels Elections

If that future headline is ever printed, it probably won’t have Obama’s name on it at first.  More likely, it will be a proxy — a governor.  Or better yet, a mayor or county commission — perhaps in Illinois?  Near or in Chicago?

But it will go down like this:  the MSM will show a wide-shot video of huge (but well-behaved) crowds at the Tax Day Tea Parties.  Then they will show close-ups of ACORN and Eco-Nazis (or by then, Obama’s new GIVE Brown Shirts) engaged in civil disobedience at other events; ‘preferably’ violent disobedience, implying that the huge conservative crowds were engaged in destructive acts.

It will happen first in the little local elections prior to the 2010 primaries.  Perhaps in some of the actual 2010 primaries where strong conservatives are running against endangered liberals.   That of course, would be the best sort of election contest to try cancelling.

But it will be a strictly local initiative, you understand.  Got that?  OK.

Obama’s proxies in various jurisdictions (with local election boards of the proper political color) will try to cancel elections, pointing to the ‘violence’ at the huge Tax Day Tea Parties.  And the Tea Parties that will follow those later on.  The local election boards, of course, will go along.  Some local election boards will defy court orders to hold elections regardless, citing honest concerns for election worker safety.

Teamsters and UAW locals, all-to-eager to calm fears of trouble, even offering to help quell it, will prove none-too-reassuring to election officials.  They will go along; very, very reluctantly.

Conservatives of course, will hyperventilate, and insist on ad hoc election initiatives, but it’s tough holding an election if the election board is resistant.  That will just confuse and pollute the concept of a certifiable election.

The DNC, the Speaker, and the White House will be watching very, very closely.

By then national unemployment will be way over 10% – perhaps even 15-18% – and we will have a much clearer picture of how ineffective the bailouts and big budgets have been.  We will be further angered by the obvious fact that the only ones benefitting from the huge budgets are those who paid to play (big campaign contributors). 

The market will recover, but unemployment will still be high.  This time it really will be a ‘jobless recovery’.  The Misery Index (remember that during Carter?) will be displayed nightly on Fox, and perhaps even some of the MSM.

We will continue to see more egregious power grabbing by the White House and Congress, and although I think Obama can hold off raising taxes until after the cancelled elections, we may even see taxes (besides tobacco) go up before we see the events outlined here.  BTW, I planted my tobacco crop a couple of days ago – just one of my many John Galt measures.  I won’t sell you tobacco from my crop, because that would be taxable.  But if you grow your own, you can ship it to me for my famous curing process and I’ll return it to you cured for a nominal curing fee.  And you’ll enjoy it much more than you would store tobacco.

In spite of all the bad economic news, Obama insists on other insane measures such as green initiatives that simply cost businesses and the economy much, much more and depress badly needed profits.  He refuses to take a serious look at proven, reliable energy options that won’t bankrupt our economy.  And all that will push unemployment and entitlements even higher, and depress revenues when we need them most.

Of course, there will be court battles on top of court battles, but enough uncertainty will arise that the House and Senate may decide to simply seat whomever they like. After all, who could certify such a contaminated non-election – especially if it’s in just one part of one  congressional district — and how could Congress let a large urban area go unrepresented?  The MSM will nominate by discussion and Congress will seat whomever.

Eventually, the political and economic chaos, if not the civil disobedience, will reach such a level that Obama will feel compelled to declare an emergency.

And cancel future elections for 1 year, ‘until tempers and the economy settle down’.

As suggested elsewhere in these spaces, Obama is slowly starting to realize that he stands closer to the pitchforks than do the bailout executives.   And slow as he is sometimes, it is starting to dawn on him that this is exactly where the people with the pitchforks want him.

So far, Obama has spent – not budgeted, but spent, a trillion dollars a month since he has been in office (look at off-budget figures and Treasury TARP and non-TARP outlays and guarantees to confirm this).  He has fired the CEO of GM and threatens more firings.  Perhaps this was deserved, but it’s not the president’s job to run private companies.    And we see Obama and Geithner both threatening to reach much, much deeper into our private lives and personal liberties.

We see the current regime determined to send our youth (and maybe us, too) to some oh-so-cool mandatory reeducation camps.  How long do you expect it will be before you see an angry, young, baseball bat wielding group of Greenshirts around your SUV?   Or burning ‘dangerous books’ in front of the library?  Or suing to have sites like redstate.com blocked on school and library computers? 

Obama’s policies and Obama-like policies are hitting us at a very bad time.  Conservatives have always been up for a LITTLE bit of social engineering or a LITTLE bit of green action.  But when every penny counts, as it does now, such measures are foolish, expensive and highly harmful luxuries.

These expenses add up fast and we have no way to measure the true cost to society.  One example from my own life:  I volunteer at the local police department – I’m part of the training cadre there.  We are in California and you may have read that recent new CalEPA air quality standards went into effect causing many gas stations that could not afford the new complying pumps to close their doors.   Well, that new CalEPA rule affects municipalities, too.  So rather than invest $50,000 in new pumps at the city yard to comply, we now drive our patrol cars out of the city to gas up at commercial rather than wholesale prices with an ATM card issued by the department (think there is a potential for abuse there?).

Now I won’t go into the fact that the city could have planned a little better (perhaps by not offering 109% retirement to city workers) – the point is that these little ‘compliance’ costs add up really fast in today’s society – and those costs are passed on to you and me.  And Congress is not showing any signs that they are getting the message that we have just about had enough with compliance and its high costs. 

In every highly creative and imaginative way they can, Congress and the executive agencies are showing us that they just don’t get the fact that we have already had enough compliance.  We’ve had enough of seeing our personal liberties eroded and threatened.  We’ve had enough of being told which light bulbs we must poison our households with.

Erik Erikson asks in these spaces when folks are going to be ready to revolt.  Until this week, my answer had always been the standard conservative answer: on Election Day. 

Now I wonder a little: the only way Obama’s (and Congress’) actions and policies make perfect sense is if they intend that the country be in so much chaos, with so much anger, by election season, that the only prudent course would be to try to cancel elections in certain volatile areas.

If you postulate needing an ‘emergency’ where it’s much safer to cancel elections than risk political violence, then Obama’s actions (and Congress’ too) make perfect sense.  Their actions and policies are perfectly designed to produce that emergency.

And remember, this is a regime that really, really hates to waste a good crisis.

So it’s up to us to ensure, when the real crisis of emergency proportions finally arrives, that we make it really, really worthwhile for them.

There is a program active now to remind military members of the oath they took to defend the Constitution.  It’s getting traction and gaining wide discussion among military members.  (sorry I don’t ahve a URL for you here)

Most Public Safety officers take an oath to defend the Constitution as well.  At least they do if their agency observes what the Constitution requires.  LE is part of the executive branch, oc course. 

Article IV it states:

The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of

the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of

the United States and the several States, shall be bound by Oath or

Affirmation, to support this Constitution

 So it’s time to talk to a few of your local officers.  Ask them if they remember their oath.  Ask them if their oath contained a clause to protect and defend the US Constitution.  It’s likely they won’t recall.  That’s OK.  Just note to them that the Constitution requires that this clause should be in the oath they took.   Ask him how he feels about enforcing possible future measures that would infringe on the constitutional liberties of law abiding citizens.

 Ask him if he’s willing to risk his job to protect the Constitution.

And have a happy, fun and peaceful tea party.   Have more than one.  Smile a lot.  Share the fun.  Nothing will scare the right politicians more than a respectful demonstration of how many voters will be voting against them next election.

Then the ball will be in their court.