I'm Special: I Got a Letter from the White House

Alas, it was not signed by president Obama, instead, it is signed by his Director of Correspondence, who I assume is building name recognition for a future run for office.

 The card could only have been in response to the form I filled out on the WH web site (I’ve done this about 6 times), as the WH public fax number is always busy (on purpose?).

<img src=http://www.800dev.com/wh.letter.png border=0>

If the image above looks cheesy, it’s because the original is cheesy.  It’s printed on a thick card to possibly try to imitate a nice card, but it fails at that.  It’s just cheesy.  The White House legend at the top is in black ink, so there is not even a shabby attempt to make it look like nice WH card stock.  Of course, it’s not embossed or anything.

But the two things I like most about this are the ‘Dear Friend’ salutation, and the promotion of the WH web site.  Like so many peices of poorly planned promotion, it encourages me to do something that I have already done.  Mail merge is not exactly advanced technology, but you’d think the most technologically advanced WH in history would bother…

Overall, I give it a D-

But dang it, I feel so darned proud that I am now a member of that ‘community of connected citizens that will help address the pressing issues of our time.’

How special is that?