It's Only Wendesday: How Many Sacred Trusts Can be Violated in 1 Week?

Now I am spitting mad.  The AIG bonuses made me almost mad enough to write, but hearing the Speaker’s proposed solution, a 90% tax on the individuals receiving the bonuses, I’ve just gone totally ballistic. 

Sure, AIG should return funds equal to the government. 

 But over-taxing the individuals who received them is just piling outrage on top of outrage.  

 This was caused by the bill that Congress never read.  A bill that went from the Speaker’s office to K Street before the Republicans ever saw it.   The Democrats made this mess.  They own it.  Totally.  After all they said it: “we won”.  They can fix it.  But not on the back of individuals who saw a contractual obligation satisfied. 

 The remedy does not lie with taxing individuals in a fashion that brings to mind phrases like  “bill of attainder” or “ex post facto” or even “equal protection” – all covered by the Constitution and certain of challenge.  It would be so sweet to see this bill passed, then struck down in court.

 If this stands, then who is next?  Will taxes go up to 90% for bloggers the Speaker doesn’t like?   What other ‘special classes’ will Congress pick out for special attention?

 If Congressional leaders are as angry as their obvious posturing suggests, then let them call for investigations of Princess Pelosi (aircraft), Frank, Dodd, and yes, even President Obama.

 How many sacred trusts can be violated in just one week by this regime?  How many sacred trusts shattered in the weeks before? 

 Obama want to bill vets for their medical treatment.  Lawmakers (and a President) who took huge funds from AIG posture before the bonuses they then protected in law. Lawmakers want to discard contractual law and then pass ex post facto laws.

 Will we see the record broken for sacred trusts violated again next week, as usual?

 Hey, it’s only Wednesday, too.  Glad there is a Tea Party to go to…