Hijack GOP.com: Call for Developers, Admins & Moderators

While Erick was preparing this RNC Fail post, I was busy setting up the web site below to get action started on the web site we really need.  The RNC RFC for a new web site does not even mention the tools RNC activists would need to win in 2010.  The tools I suggest we need are at the bottom of this post. (Tools like Obama had on his campaign web site.)  Social networking is OK, but it diffuses effort.  Activists need to be able to focus effort.  The project beginning at the link below will focus activist effort.  Yes, this is a hijack.  If GOP.com won’t provide the tools, we will build them ourselves.


Yes, we are going to do a hijack and do the job the GOP won’t do.

Yes, we are going to get a bunch of open source type programmers together and put up what will become the authoritative Action Center. For GOP activists.

So if you are a coder, an artist, designer, database guru, or even just a blog moderator type, we are going to need you. Please go to


…and get involved. We will provide the activism tools not even discussed in the GOP RFP like:

1. If I register and desire a call, then I get a phone call within a day from a LOCAL GOP worker telling me how I could help

2. I can BE the GOP worker calling #1 above from my area

3. Phone list of LOCAL voters I can call for party outreach RIGHT NOW

4. A calendar of events within 100 miles I can attend RIGHT NOW

5. Ability to add a new event to the #2 (above) calendar RIGHT NOW

6. A phone/email list of LOCAL party workers who have said they want to be contacted to help with events RIGHT NOW

7. A defined LOCAL geographic area (dynamically and demographically examined for potential effectiveness) where I can walk a district and knock on doors RIGHT NOW

These are the activism tools we need. Let’s make them.

If we build it they will come.

Don’t let it come to this if you are trying to be active in the party: