Clarification: GOP.com Does NOT Want Activists: http://gopguerrillas.ning.com/

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Lee posted here that while the GOP does indeed need an Activism Center, it’s not the job of the grassroots to provide it if the GOP won’t.  

I disagree.   Vigorously.

We are 17 months from the mid-term election.  A well-designed Action Center for conservatives could well mean the difference between a small conservative/moderate advance and a majority presence in both Houses of Congress

The GOP just released its RFC for a new GOP.com web site and the RFC does not include Action Center functions.  The GOP has no intention of providing an Action Center – that idea works counter to GOP leadership goals.  The GOP does not want its message muddied by folks like you and me walking the streets talking about Republicanism.  

And Lee certainly has a point that marchers are mostly loonies and misfits.  Recent Tea Parties aside, one usually gets that impression when watching the available videos.   But that is because respectful conservatives have marched so rarely.   Until recently.

I also want to clarify: an Action Center does not mean an Attack Center.  While attacking the opposition certainly has it place (and Lord knows, I’ve done my share!), an Action Center is quite different.  

My vision for an Action Center centers around the idea of respectfully letting my neighbors know that I consider the conservative tent big enough to include them if they like the idea of lower taxes, less government, and the unlimited opportunity afforded by personal liberty.  

Steele and I together may never change their minds, but a friendly face suggesting where the real opportunity for a good future may lie, could definitely change a few votes.  Done respectfully and without argument; instead, simply identifying areas of agreement.

I will attack online and in my missives to Congress, but I will present optimism and respect when I walk the district or call around.  

But I need that Action Center – to identify local teammates, for metrics, and sometimes, some minimal guidance and direction.  

If we build it, they will come.

Here is where we are going to build it:  http://gopguerrillas.ning.com/