Reluctant Schoolmasters: Small Businessmen Will Educate the Elite at the Expense of the Poor

I think those of us who are small businesspeople will avoid taxes, recover and rebuild and even prosper quite nicely. But it is a darned shame that those of us who know how to make money must change hats for the next 2-4 years and act as schoolmasters to the new administration.

Immanuel’s remark about ‘not wasting a crisis’ showed such deep cynicism and insensitivity towards those hurt by the crisis, and revealed the high priority the administration places on advancing a political agenda over the needs of the suffering and over the employers who could help them. Such a world view does indeed require some ‘re-education’.

That education will be expensive. Unfortunately, it’s the downtrodden who will suffer most.

Illustration: I hated to do it, but the survival of my own company required in 2007 that I let all 5 of our highly paid US programmers go, and they made an avg of $70 an hour.  I replaced them with Indian and Filipino programmers I hired thru http://www.odesk.com at an avg of $19/hr. These US prgrammers I used to use, all stay in touch.  All of those programmers became providers (programmers) at odesk.com themselves and they get some work that way (even if it’s at a lower rate). Three of them of course, had gone to school on our company and have their own ecommerce web sites now and they are doing better now than they did before at $70/hr. 

The fourth has become a contract development manager and uses foreign programmers from odesk.com to deliver projects for US companies, offering them a US executive who manages teams of foreign programmers.  Needless to say, he now regards $70/hr. as chump change.  He is very highly paid by his customers who realize hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings on big projects.

The fifth wrote high performance programming for the chips/computers in automobiles and sells his aftermarket chips (chips made in China of course) to auto owners worldwide from his web site.

None of these programmers would have prospered as they have today if I had not let them go to save money for our firm.  But these are smart guys (smarter than me) who went to school on an employer (us), then combined what they already knew with what they had learned in order to excel in the global market.

There are lots of less lucky folks out there who don’t have those advantages, and those are the folks who are going to suffer because of this administration’s political ideals. 

Reluctantly, the schoolmasters will teach. 

Reluctantly, these ‘elite’ students will be dragged kicking and screaming into learning and honoring free market priniples.  (They will have no choice if they want tax revenues from the small business, free market heroes!)

Yes, some of the poor will suffer.  But some of them will find that determination to prosper regardless: they will learn new skills and they will not let what they don’t know stop them. 

My firm’s customer list produces a perfect example: we have many online merchants we service who regard themselves as ‘techno illiterates’ and yet they sell successfully on the internet anyway.  Some because they were determined to learn, and some because they simply did not know that ‘they could not do’ what they were trying to do (and of course, they did it anyway).  One customer emailed me yesterday that she is a ‘cyber illiterate’ when she had asked us a question and the answer revealed that what she wanted to do was easier than she thought. 

She is a herione who will not let what she does not know stop her, and her web site propers accordingly.

Others, of course, will simply look to the government for a handout.