Is Holder the Actual Coward?

Dear Mr. Holder,
Your boss is eager to promote “economic justice” and “social justice”. Last I looked, you are already the head of the Justice Department. Neat thought huh?
So imagine my surprise when I went to race.usdoj.gov and learned that that there was no race discussion at that web address. Nada forhttp://www.usdoj.gov/race as well.
You could start the discussion that you so courageously suggest, did you know that? You already have a big web site that lots of people visit. You have a choice, you know. You can do this.
If you go to http://www.usdoj.gov and search on ‘race’, you have a good beginning. Click on the third link down on the search returns. That page says that 95% of black homicide victims have a black attacker. That is definitely not social justice.
We could start the conversation there, don’t you think?
Kindest Regards,
A. Citizen