Crikey. Nuance. Now We Have 'Climate Justice'

(h/t: Powerline)

When we had God in our public lives,  it used to be assumed that his sunlight, or his rain, would fall on everybody.  In our newly nuanced times, that is surely no longer the case.  

Dartmouth announced today that an assistant professor had received at $300,000 grant to study climate justice.


“We are working to develop the tools and means of analysis to ensure that climate change mitigation will occur in an equitable and just manner, inclusive of marginalized, low-income communities and communities of color”


The unspoken nuance, of course, is that white folks will be expected to bear a larger portion of the burden of carbon mitigation.


When I was a boy back in Oklahoma, we used to joke that one day the goverment would figure out a way to tax the air that we breathe.  Of course, it was a joke, we knew it would never happen.  Excpet now it has.


Well, at least we are not refraining from the discussion that AG Eric Holder wants us to have.