GOP's Lame Web Effort Still Stinks - Can RedState Do Better?

I’m afraid Meghan McCain still has it right

The Republican party isn’t exactly Internet savvy. That’s no secret. This has been a source of personal frustration for me for a very long time.

On Feb 1, I posted about the lame effort the GOP had tried at myGOP.com.  18 days later, one can still not log in at elronaldo.gop.com, nor recover a password, nor do much of anything else.  Almost everything to do anything on the site is broken.  

For those of you who are tech minded, the first js error is returned on line 1 and there are dozens of errors on the opening page.

Worse, it’s a collection of tools that encourage people to waste effort separately instead of concentrating effort together.

They used to say that newspapers publish their mistakes on the front page.  What the GOP has at myGOP.com is much, much worse.  The idea is OK** but the execution stinks.

When I worked at www.latimes.com and at www.universalmusic.com, errors like the ones that exist at myGOP.com would get fixed the same hour they were noticed.  The GOP has had over 19 days to fix the majors errors on their web site and they have not.  Too bad.  Big loss.

** I’ve been thinking a lot lately about diffusing political effort as oppossed to concentrating it.  The GOP web site diffuses effort.  We need some web sites that place less emphasis on everybody having their own blog and every individual having thier own personal activism center, and have more emphasis on bringing people together into identifieable neighborhood/county/state groups so the demonstrations. letter campaigns, etc can be coordinated.

Let’s hope that Red State and it’s Army will give us the tools we need to organize instead of attractive tools that encourage us to waste effort being separate voices in the wilderness.