Help Has to Arrive; Dispatch is Not Enogh

Obama signs the emergency order and then retires with his buddies to watch the Superbowl.  Without checking back to see if FEMA needs another fire built under its butt.


FEMA gets busy writing press releases – 5 so far (http://www.fema.gov/news/eventnews.fema?id=11049) and balks, according to their spokesperson, at closed roads and icy conditions.


I recall they had helicopters for Katrina?  Two days is too long to bring in Sno Cats from another district?  Even a bulldozer (which FEMA could rent or commandeer) can pull a trailer into hard-to-reach areas.   But I have a feeling that the KY National Guard’s deuce-and-a-halfs could take FEMA gear anywhere it needs to go – just as soon as a thoughtful KYNG NCO asks Home Depot and OSH to donate some chain saws to remove trees blocking roads.  Unless the NG unit has a JAG officer with them, then they won’t be able to do anything.


FEMA knows that the AP will buy lame excuses about not being able to ‘get there’ because of the dangerous conditions (we can’t ask a UNION goverment employee to drive his 4WD past or around a ‘road closed’ sign) – but the residents and taxpayers are not buying it.


Just like last time, they should have been there by now, but they aren’t.  KY’s governor had nice words to say about the reponse, but that was at dispatch time – I’ll bet he’s beginning to wonder whe it will actually show up.


Only this time, the MSM doesn’t give a damn.


Well, tomorrow is Monday and maybe Fox can interupt a bit of the post-Superbowl coverage to peek in on FEMA’s performance in KY.  The folks in KY are my brethren – I’m originally from OK so I know about thier independent spirit and self-sufficient attitude.  Still, as the boomer generation ages, there are a lot of old folks in KY who may have the spirit, but not the toughness of flesh, toself-deliver on that independence and self-sufficiency.