Time for the F-Word

Yes, I mean filibuster the stimulus travesty in the Senate.

Be sure to remember how the Dems used the filibuster for purely partisan reasons against Bush appointees.

We have shown bi-partisan spirit with many Rs voting for Obama’s appointments, even though there were some very good reasons to oppose some of those appointments.

If the leadership tries hard enough, they could probably make it a bi-partisan filibuster in the Senate.

At the very least, we should be able to produce what we saw in the House: partisan passage with bi-partisan opposition.

If we can do this to the biggest pork plan in history, we can win back the R base.

As conservatives, we simply need to stand for what our hearts know is right.  Let’s put the blame for the travesty squarely where it belongs.  Let them completely own it from the first month of the new administration.  That is what the base is waiting for!

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