Fraud Alert: Eco-Terrorist never talk smack about the Chinese

Enviromentalists push Ecocide as 5th International Crime against peace –BREITBART TV

See video: 

I never here about these cowards going to China to protest the lack of environmental controls, or the fact that they pay Brazil and Argentina to cut down the rain forests so they can grow soybeans. We saw the fact that the country had to shut down just to have air clean enough for the Olympics.

Our manufacturing base is gone we have nothing to put into the atmosphere to cause the destruction these Communists, Marxist are talking about. They just want to shut this nation down and tax us to death. They are so afraid to attack anyone but us and the Japanese fishing boats.

Eco-Farce and Eco-cowardice are more fitting terms.

Go to China and India and Russia, Saudi Arabia and see how they feel about your protests. Let us know how it works out for ya.